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We just got back from Admin 2008. It was a great show. We are happy to see the thriving Lotus Notes and Domino community. Kudos for nice job go to The View for putting this together. We spent 2 days meeting a large variety of Lotus Notes users from around the world. I spent a lot of time at the booth, listening to what people are doing to battle spam, and meeting customers to listen to product feedback.

We also spent a lot of time discussing the problem of Backscatter, those annoying delivery failure reports, and discussing ways to stop the problem. I have written a blog SpamSentinel Stops Backscatter about this problem and explained how SpamSentinel fixes most of it. Many people who (unfortunately) use another spam blocking tool took us up on our offer of a free Backscatter product, called SpamSentinel NoBS (for No Backscatter). This basically blocks most non-Delivery Reports (NDRs) while allowing legitimate NDRs to flow through to their Lotus Notes mailbox. The full product does a more in-depth cleansing, but the free version blocks quite a lot and was very well received by the people who use generic SMTP filtering and don't have the benefit of using a product tailored to Lotus Notes and Domino world.

Here I am with Allison Cote at the Admin 2008 booth:

SpamSentinel Fan Club

One SpamSentinel fan, Josh Currier, from Munters in Amesbury MA and many of his associates from Munters in Sweden, dropped by to say hello and discuss our latest breakthroughs in spam blocking.

Here is one quote from Josh:
"We are a Lotus Notes shop and SpamSentinel was designed specifically for Lotus Notes"

<- Josh Currier from Munters

Here is my favorite story:
I met this nice attendee who works for a large credit card company. His boss, the CEO, wants email management. As a CEO, spam is not his biggest problem, just the enormous amount of unsolicited legitimate external email (meeting requests, board activities, analyst meetings, charities, functions, etc.) that he gets as part of his job. So we are looking at having all of his mail go into an inspection area (we call it our Quarantine) for his administrative assistant to review. Any mail that she recognizes will be released to him, and that recipient put on a white list to allow future communications. This way he is not overwhelmed with these external messages.

Very interesting application of our software. We plan on doing a trial in the upcoming weeks. Here we are talking about it during one of the evening refreshment breaks:

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