Dunkin Donuts Coffee for the Troops


A really great neighbor Beth Petr in Acton communicates with the troops in Afghanistan and finds out what they need to make morals a tiny bit better.

Late last year, around Christmas time, the request was for coffee. Not any coffee. Dunkin Donuts coffee.

So, I went to the local store and bought 200 pounds of coffee in 1 pound bags. I figured each pound would make 30 or more cups and make a lot of soldiers have a small "taste" of home.

I had not heard much about it, as communications is limited, until just this morning, when I got this email for CPT Jeoff:

This is a long overdue note of thanks to you, Frank and his daughter
for the Dunkin Donuts coffee sent in February. Much as I
could have consumed it all myself, I knew the intent was to ensure the
widest dissemination possible. I shared with each of eight
subordinate company commanders in our battalion, meaning your gifts
touched the lives of nearly 1,100 Soldiers. That's the kind of reach
your operation has.

I have now returned to the US and Acton. I am forever grateful for
the kindness and generosity that you and your friends give in support
of our Citizen Soldiers. Your work is important to all of us. Please
keep it going.

Best regards,
CPT Jeoff

My daughter Isabelle at Dunkin Donuts:

Here I am holding one of the 4 boxes of coffee:

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