Imerys Global IT Gets Rock-Solid Results


Case Study
Imerys Global IT Gets Rock-Solid Results from SpamSentinel
Case Study
Large installation of SpamSentinel across 6,000 users and 47 countries is highly accurate, flexible, and simple to maintain.

The Challenges
Complex organization – Because IMERYS has over 6,000 users and 260 locations in 47 countries, it needed a solid yet flexible solution.
Large volume of email spam – High volumes of spam caused user inefficiency, created confusion, and increased the need for IT support.
International requirements – Diversity of email languages mandated a global spam solution.
Limited IT resources – IT resources were thin around the globe.

Company Background
IMERYS, a world leader in industrial minerals operating in 47 countries, was looking to implement an anti-spam software solution. Dave Bailey, Senior Manager for Collaboration Services and Integration, based at the company’s office in Roswell, Georgia, required a solution with full integration, accuracy, and flexibility. Prior to 2004, IMERYS tried to use an add-on to its antivirus solution to do content/spam filtering.

Not only did IMERYS experience poor spam blocking, but even worse, its users complained, IT resource time was wasted, and unexpected crashing of servers occurred around the world. This experience helped to accelerate the company’s investigation of a fully integrated anti-spam solution.

Dave Bailey relates, “IMERYS has done a lot of growth through acquisition. As we integrate each new division, we have found applying our global messaging standard with SpamSentinel to be superior to any other anti-spam solution found at the existing companies.”

Large Volume of Email Spam
With SpamSentinel, IMERYS achieved removal of 92% of inbound email that was accurately marked as spam in 2008.

In only three IT hours a week, IMERYS was able to block over 116 million spam emails by supporting consumers with SpamSentinel. Over the last six years, IMERYS has seen dramatic increases in email volume, in part because of the increase in the number of users, the proliferation of email, and unfortunately, the abundance of spam email going into its servers.

Limited IT Resources
Limited IT resources are not an issue because SpamSentinel has full Lotus Notes and Domino integration, and is highly accurate.

SpamSentinel’s hosted solution is 100% integrated with Lotus Notes, providing enormous savings in administration time. Total integration was a key requirement for IMERYS IT to save time and resources. SpamSentinel achieves upward of 99.44% accuracy through MayFlower Software’s unique dual-engine technology. One example of the success due to its ease of use and accuracy occurred in the IMERYS Paris headquarters, where IT support staff helped to manage the SpamSentinel admin database blacklists and reporting. One IT support analyst is spending only a couple of hours of week on spam management.

Dave Bailey states, “Instead of managing spam, they are taking non-spam-related help desk calls from IMERYS users, relieving the call queue and increasing user satisfaction.”

The Bottom Line
The strategic partnership worked especially well for an integration of a remote business group in South Africa. IMERYS IT knew that response time to a centralized quarantine database in North America for SpamSentinel would be difficult via South Africa’s satellite connection. Working with MayFlower Software, the product team implemented a hosted option for the South Africa location’s Internet domain, as well as implementing ‘Manage by Example’ which eliminates the daily SPAM report and sends the results to the consumers’ junk folder. As a result, consumers can manage “email” without the complication of dealing with spam messages.

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