MX Fail-Over Prevents Mail Bounces


This was just posted to LinkedIn, showing SpamSentinel MX Failover preventing mail from being lost. Thanks to Kurt Tomicich.

From LinkedIn discussion:

SpamSentinel recently began offering MX Fail-Over to existing clients and it sure came in handy! I signed up for it and got busy (read "forgot to implement") after it was set up for me, but Chris Rich followed up and nudged me so I'd modify the MX records for the 5 domains going through my Domino server.

Less than a week later there were some server issues that had the server up and down for a couple days. Not only did the MX Fail-Over prevent mail from bouncing back to senders (and kept me from looking bad to my clients) but Chris was very helpful while addressing the problems when, for just an instant, it appeared that the issues may be SpamSentinel related.

Once again, far above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks!

( domino-web.maysoft.com )