Moose Spam Cartoon


What is "Moose Spam" ? It is the kind of spam that a Lotus Notes email user would get if he were a moose.

Things like:
Antler Enlargement
Improve your Mating Season
Antler Size Matters.

We found this cartoon, made by Mark Parisi at his website, www.offthemark.com

Here is the cartoon:

We contacted him to license it for a t-shirt, and he agreed, so we put it on our t-shirts at Lotusphere 2008. They were a big hit.

Here is a shirt:

And here we are at Lotusphere 2008, wearing the shirt proudly as we imitate the poor Moose, demonstrated by Wolfgang Fey, our Lotus Business Partner at www.ebf.de in Germany, Mats Jansson our Lotus Business Partner at www.donova.se in Sweden and Nick McCann, Manager of EMEA Support at MayFlower Software at www.maysoft.com

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