Spotting Email Viruses

Handy Guide to Share with Users to Help them Be Cautious Opening Attachments


The never-ending-attack on computers by viruses continues. The viruses have many ways to infect your computer, but the most popular social interaction is via email, and that is where they are concentrating their efforts.

A successful organizational anti-virus effort involves a multi-layered approach, starting at the firewall, through to the end user desktop, and combines protection and user education.


Our latest innovation involves our MacroKiller addon for Exchange or Domino, which stops 100% of CryptoLocker viruses in Word and Excel Macros. (Yes, you read that right, 100%, as in ALL of them.)


Here is the Spotting Email Viruses guide. Feel free to share it with your coworkers (PDF below).

Spotting Email Viruses.pdfSpotting Email Viruses.pdf

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