Virus Names translated from Chinese


Virus Names translated from Chinese
I was interested in what the .XLS attachments were in the SpamSentinel quarantine, so I made a view, extracted the contents (minus the XLS extension) and let Google translate show my what these attachments REALLY say.  Like some spam subjects, many of these sound like zen inspired quotes. Here are a few of my favorites:

To manage or to leadership
Become Devil coach
Management does not manage tired

Here is the results of my search for virus attachment wisdom:

行政到人力的转变 Administrative changes to human
行政管理师 Administrative division
行政领导还是行政管理 Administrative leadership or administration
行政管理还是管家 Administrative or housekeeper
美国式顾问式销售技巧 American consultative selling skills
中坚力量(互动式) 15个经典案例 Backbone ( Interactive ) 15 Classic Case
行与政谁先谁后 Backwards line with government
成为魔鬼教练 Become Devil coach
行政的攻心术 Chief of Psyche
中国顾问式销售行为 Chinese consultative selling behavior
中国人看顾问式销售 Chinese people look at consultative selling
中国式职业管理阶层 Chinese -style career management
业务员的考核方案 Clerk of the assessment program
教练常用的具体操作方法 Coach common specific methods of operation
客户对产品或服务总是很挑剔 Customers for the product or service is always very picky
销售团队文化方向化 Direction of the sales team culture
劳务派遣实务应对策略 Dispatch Practice Strategies
想轻松就不要做管理 Do not want to easily manage
你是否有管理的潜质 Do you have management potential
干销售不如干团队 Dry sales team as good as dry
放大客户痛苦 Enlarge customer pain
企业微信营销如何策划 Enterprise micro-channel marketing, how to plan
树立品牌在门店落地生根信念 Establish a brand in the stores take root beliefs
工厂行政的喜与悲 Factory administration joy and sorrow
柔性与强势管理 Flexible and strong management
要自由就要远离管理 Freedom is necessary to stay away from management
管理边界的模糊美 Fuzzy US border management
勤奋做事,简单做人 Hard work, simple life
帮助客户成长 Help customers grow
行政绩效如何体现 How to administrative performance reflects
如何有效处理违纪违规员工 How to effectively deal with disciplinary violations Staff
如何有效调岗调薪 How to effectively transfer Kong salary
主管如何能让销售团队业绩提升 How to make sales executives to improve team performance
为人失败,是中层最大的失败 Human failure , is the biggest failure of the middle
工业品销售 Industrial Sales
企业微信营销系统的整合打造 Integration of enterprise micro-channel marketing system to build
中间力量还是中坚力量 Intermediate strength or backbone
网络营销实战专家 Internet marketing expert
找关键拍板人 Key people find finalized
知晓微信营销运营 Known micro-channel marketing operations
门店领导与管理的方法 Leadership and management approach stores
领导力最怕四不像 Leadership fear nothing on earth
领导力也不难 Leadership is not difficult
让你难以置信好的营销模式 Let your incredibly good marketing model
营销代表的薪酬杠杆 Leverage Marketing Representative salary
提起销售团队就头痛 Lift the sales team headache
长用者多批评,短用者多表扬 Long used by more than criticism , short- users more recognition
管理其实与dna有关系 Management actually has a relationship with dna
管理不累就不是管理 Management does not manage tired
管理很郁闷就没有合格 Management is very depressed there is no qualified
店长的苦恼 Manager of distress
群众领袖、小国之君 Mass leaders, the king of a small country
微营销策划 Micro- marketing plan
微网络大市场 Micro Network big market
微信营销接口及拓展应用介绍 Micro-channel marketing and expand the application interface to introduce
企业做微信营销应避免的误区 Micro-channel marketing companies do to Avoid Mistakes
中小企业的微信营销 Micro-channel marketing for SMEs
微信营销几何式增长 Micro-channel marketing geometric growth
微信营销研究 Micro-channel marketing research
微信营销致胜诀窍 Micro-channel marketing success tips
微信营销落地搭建团队 Micro-channel marketing team to build landing
微信营销从入门到实战 Micro-channel marketing, from entry level to combat
微信营销完善系统 Micro-channel marketing, improve the system
中层管理其实是个传话筒 Middle management is actually a mouthpiece
中层管理其实就是来受气的 Middle management is actually to be bullied
中层管理就是上了贼船 Middle management is Shangliaozeichuan
中层管理有领导力吗 Middle management leadership you have
中层管理其实做的是基层的事情 Middle managers actually doing the grassroots thing
中层不自觉干的事情 Middle unconsciously doing things
中层最不愿意干的事情 Most reluctant to do things the middle
没有冲突就没有改善 No conflict is not improved
不背黑锅就不是中层 Not a scapegoat is not the middle
中间还是中坚还是中艰 Or in the middle of the storm or backbone
业绩目标互为驱动 Performance targets mutually drive
销售主管的定位 Positioning sales director
服务性产品销售 Product sales service
快速提升门店执行力 Quickly improve store execution
明确店长的角色定位 Role clear manager
销售服务 Sales and Service
销售事业 Sales Division
销售主管如何管理销售团队、如何选人、育人、留人 Sales executives how to manage the sales team , how to choose people, educating people, keep people
销售人员成长过程引导与管控技巧 Sales growth process guidance and control techniques
销售内勤销售设置 Sales Inside Sales Set
销售人生 Sales of life
销售员关键绩效指标评估设置 Salesperson set of key performance indicators to assess
销售是传递价格还是价值 Selling price or value is passed
中高层管理近亲繁殖的流弊 Senior inbreeding abuse
门店超级卖手的七大特质 Seven super stores selling hand qualities
小企业靠管理,大企业靠规则 Small businesses rely on management , large enterprises rely on rules
小订单靠个人,大订单靠团队 Small orders by individuals, teams rely on large orders
专项培训系统 Special training system
初创阶段销售团队现状分析 Status infancy sales analysis team
门店四类顾客的特征 Store features four customers
持续拉动门店销量 Store sales continued to pull
门店领头羊的四好角色 Stores four good leader role
门店最有效的培训方法 Stores the most effective training methods
门店是这样盈利的 Such stores are profitable
量身定制的级差薪酬 Tailored differential salaries
团队管控要有系统思维 Team management and control systems should be thinking
技术买家 Technical Buyer
中层管理欧亚有分别吗 There were middle managers do Eurasia
要管理还是要领导 To manage or to leadership
了解决策过程 Understand the decision-making process
销售团队为什么不好管 Why bad management sales team
客户为什么认为你在骚扰他 Why do customers think you are harassing him
为什么单子有希望最终却输给了 Why list eventually lost hope
狼性门店团队 Wolf store team

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