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Automated Windows and Domino Server Maintenance

ServerSentinel frees your weekends by doing periodic Windows maintenance

    Maintenance Tasks

  • Critical Windows Security patches
  • Windows Software Updates
  • Domino Maintenance (compact, updall)
  • Domino Fixpacks Installed
  • Weekly Server Reboot
  • Email Report with Maintenance Summary
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  • Setup time is 5 minutes per server.
  • We immediately run a Server Health Check
  • You receive an email report

    To start a trial of 1, 2 or 3 servers:
    Contact Allison Cote
    (978) 635-1335

Lockey. Cryotlocker. Ransomware. Sent via Word Macros and opened by unsuspecting users. The Ransomware makers are significantly cranking up the volume, to as much as 100 times normal volumes.

Word Macro Killer removes 100% of Viruses from Word docs and converts them to harmless Word.docx formats which cannot contain a macro virus.

  • User training is almost worthless because users will open anything!
  • Anti-Virus solutions help, but all they need to do is miss one macro virus to create a disaster
  • Runs on Microsoft Exchange Servers or IBM Domino Servers

    How it Works

  • Strips Macros out of Word and Excel documents
  • Users receive clean, virus free documents
  • Using the 100% safe Word.DOCX and Excel.XLSX formats
  • Users CANNOT infect themselves
  • Original Documents saved in Password protected ZIP file
  • Whitelists skip processing for trusted senders
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  • Setup time is 5 minutes per server.
  • Exchange Mail Flow Connector
  • Domino Server Addin
  • Protect 40 users for $450 annually
  • To start a trial:
    Contact Allison Cote
    (978) 635-1335

Apps that make the IBM Notes client work better!

Super Fast Management of Things you need to Get Done! Agenda is directly connected to your email for quick, easy adding or removing of items

Share the Best Emails from the Best Writers in your Organization


Just install and SpamSentinel in your IBM Notes client, and start blocking spam, even if your organization runs another filter!


Reply Watcher
Monitor your own email for replies to emails that you send


Speak with OneVoice in all Communications


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